‘Cause when McCain’s in the hood he’s always hard, come talking that trash and he’ll pull your card…I kid, I kid.

Last Friday, John McCain accepted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s (SCLC) invitation to come to Memphis and speak in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, there was some booing (though not in the “booed off the stage of the Apollo” way the fair and balanced MSM insinuated) but it wasn’t booing McCain as much as booing him saying that he had originally voted against the Dr. King holiday in 1983 (much like how he got booed this year at CPAC when he brought up illegal immigration). There were also people yelling “we forgive you” and “we all make mistakes” too. It was what you would call a mixed reaction.

It was also the first step of McCain’s promise to campaign where Republican’s usually don’t. The fact that they don’t is an issue for another time (and don’t get me started on them sitting out the “All-American Presidential Forum” last October), but McCain is staying true to his word and speaking at the King memorial was a good first step. That’s why I was surprised to hear Ed Rollins on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” essentially say, and I’m paraphrasing here, “He’ll never get the black vote. He shouldn’t bother and should focus more on kissing James Dobson’s ass.” Okay, I didn’t paraphrase as much as I used my own words entirely, but I felt that was the point he was making.

First, a quick side note as far as Dobson’s of the world threatening to stay home on Election Day. I say call their bluff. Are we really supposed to believe that they’re going to skip voting and risk Pres. Obam-o-Clinton nominating our next Supreme Court Justice? McCain is pro-life. The other two aren’t. Issue closed.

My issue is the attitude of “they aren’t going to vote for us anyway, so why bother.”

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