Senator John McCain labeled a Report that He Pressured the New York Times a “Smear”

McCain Hired Super-Lawyer Bob Bennett to deal with Story he Denied Happened

“Gutter Politics” is Another Label McCain Used 

The expected denials of an earlier story posted on the Drudge Reports website about presidential candidate, John McCain, and memebers of his campaign staff pressuring the New York Times to spike the story were issued a few hours ago.

Sen. John McCain said today that he has “never done any favors for anybody — lobbyist or special-interest group” as his presidential campaign rushed out a statement denouncing allegations that he did anything to benefit a specific Washington lobbyist as “gutter politics.”

McCain took the unusual step of hiring Washington insider and super-lawyer Bob Bennett to deal with a story he characterized as nothing more than “gutter politics”.

The Arizona Republican has hired a prominent criminal attorney, Robert Bennett, to deal with the matter. “What is being done to John McCain is an outrage,” Bennett said in an interview this morning.

Bennett is preparing answers to written questions submitted by a team of New York Times reporters who have spent weeks investigating questions about the senator and the lobbyist; she has also retained a lawyer, according to a knowledgeable source who asked not to be identified because he was discussing legal matters.

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John McCain Lobbyist Story: Smear, Spin or Straight Reporting? 


John McCain Lobbyist Story: Smear, Spin or Straight Reporting? 

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