What does Astrology Say about John McCain’s Presidential Chances?

Was McCain’s New Hampshire Victory Foretold?

Is there an Astrological Consensus on McCain’s Political Future?
We’ve been looking at what the planet and stars predict for the 2008 Presidential candidates. Today we’re going to look at what several astrologers predict for Senator McCain’s chances of getting elected our next President.
From Political Astrology :

This report was written on Feb. 12th, 2007, from Newscope.

However, from an astrological perspective, John McCain (August 29, 1936; 8:37 am, Panama City, Panama) seems the most likely to get the nomination in 2008. This conclusion is based on the theory that the winning candidate must have strong natal or progressed planets in aspect to the U.S. Moon. Without this vital link, a candidate just doesn’t resonate with the American people or their security needs.

Neither Giuliani nor Romney has any natal or progressed planet in close aspect to the U.S. Moon, though both have compelling celestial dynamics that urge them forward. John McCain’s natal Ceres at 25 degrees Scorpio is exactly square the U.S. Moon, while his Mars in Leo and near the U.S. Midheaven makes him a credible commander-in-chief, a quality Hillary Clinton will have trouble demonstrating.

More to the point, McCain’s progressed Jupiter is now at 24 degrees Sagittarius, and by summer 2008 will have advanced to 25 degrees Sagittarius where it makes the vital link to the U.S. Moon. This aspect, unlike his 2004 venture, will bring him plenty of enthusiastic support, both in financial contributions and popular appeal. McCain will make a tough opponent in the national race.

What are the other opinions of John McCain’s chances?
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John McCain:  Is the Presidency Written in His Stars?


John McCain:  Is the Presidency Written in His Stars?

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