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A major issue on the minds of your average voter, and another one that the R’s always seem to concede to the D’s that they shouldn’t, is health care. Zogby did a recent poll on whom voters think is best on health care and the results were Hillary Clinton 36 %, Barack Obama 27%…John McCain 13 %. This has to change.

I think a main reason for the extreme discrepancy in this poll is the simple fact that R’s don’t talk aboot health care, and why they don’t I have no idea. The health care policy on McCain’s website makes sense to me, so why not talk aboot it? Also, there’s an area of health care the D’s don’t talk aboot, and that concerns personal responsibility. One of the reasons health care costs are so high is because the amount of preventative health care people need drives up the cost of non-preventive health care. Simply encouraging people to live healthier would be an angle not often used when discussing health care.

John McCain even has two surrogates on his side to help: Mike Huckabee, and his daughter Meghan.

I had mentioned Huckabee’s passion for health issues when I asked what’s next for Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is the poster child for taking personal responsibility for your own health. At one point he was extremely fat and a pork chop away from Type II Diabetes. Instead of complaining aboot the cost of insulin or the fact that restaurants cook in trans fats, he changed his eating habits, exercised, and lost over a hundred pounds. Huckabee can talk about how you should take responsibility for your own health because he took responsibility for his health. Plus, campaigning with someone who is the cat’s pajamas to southern evangelicals couldn’t hurt John McCain either.

His daughter Meghan can help with a slightly different health issue, and one that neither party talks much aboot. So sayeth Ms. McCain on her blog recently:

“I’ve been surprised by critical comments regarding my weight and body shape. It recently reached a ridiculous level when someone handed me a business card for a plastic surgeon and suggested I needed liposuction. I am proud of my curves and have always loved my fuller figure, as should every woman who is not a size “0”. I want to be a positive role model for my little sister and all of the other young women who read my blog and help perpetuate a more positive image for women, regardless of their body size. I feel empowered to tell everyone that it’s important to maintain a healthy weight that works for them – not everyone is going to be model thin, nor should they expect to be. To every young girl reading this blog, it is inner beauty and happiness that makes a person beautiful, not a number on a scale.”

Is there anyone that can deny that’s a problem? How many young women do you know that can relate with what she’s saying? Is any candidate in either party talking aboot this? Plus speaking politically, if it’s McCain vs. Hillary, Clinton’s supporters are going to be quick to play the gender card. How can they when McCain’s daughter is the only one talking aboot self esteem/weight issues in young girls?

And for what it’s worth, I’ve yet to see a picture of Meghan McCain and thought that she’s fat.

This is an election where Republicans can’t afford to concede any issue to the Democrats, especially one as important as health care. McCain has until at least the Pennsylvania primaries on April 22nd to show that he’s not going to.

Two Words for John McCain: Go Green

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