Senator John McCain accepted the GOP nomination for President this evening with a speech that was as about exciting as a defensive driving lecture. The fellow who sided with President Bush 95% of the time now claims when he and his pistol packing side kick get to D.C they will shake things up, new sheriff in town sort of stuff.
The fact the White House has been in republican hands for 20 of the last 28 years didn’t prevent John from expressing the sincere GOP conviction democrats were still somehow to blame for the sad state of affairs.
And In a surprise bit of self examination he was honest enough to acknowledge the American public by and large has lost trust in the republican party, A party that has spent and borrowed more money than all previous administrations combined.
The GOP also leaves its convention in a desperate race to re brand itself as the party of change with the little time that remains before the undecided voters decide.

While other democrats are beginning to come around to my initial assessment the fearless moose hunter Sarah Palin may be a more formidable candidate then they gave her credit for. Simply presenting the truth will go a long way toward exposing the peaches and cream hockey Mom for what she is, a book banning ultra right wing Buchananist, who may find herself in the defendants dock for ethical violations as she pursues her bid to join John in the White House.
As is his due praise, John McCain is to be commended for his service to country and his years spent as a POW. But in the decades spent in the halls of power, John McCain has accomplished little and claims much and the undecided voters who will determine the winner have if nothing else, stark choices between the two campaigns.

The republicans offer the hope of a party that traffics in lapel pin patriotism and images of God, country and apple pie. But I speculate the undecided voter is going make a choice based on which candidate offers the more plausible solution for helping with food and fuel prices, health care and day care.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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