Americans don’t really want change. Much of the public kids itself into a silly realm of the audacity of hope, but when the voters are offered genuine hope for real change, they snub their noses at it every time. Of course the power brokers of America want change less than anyone, and they are always delighted to take advantage of any sort of scandalous bullcrap that comes along, anything to keep things the way they are, with a population of sheep headed for the slaughterhouse. John Edwards wanted to tell the sheep how to avoid the disaster awaiting them. The problem is that the sheep never wanted to know their own reality in the first place. They preferred to just baa their way toward enslavement with visions of diversity, koombaya, and a fallacy of hope dancing through their heads.

I am sad to say that John was, not is, right for America. He had the right planks in his platform, but he stupidly, arrogantly, and knowingly built that platform on a patch of quicksand that any intelligent American of The New Millennium knows will surely sink any ship! Has he never seen Fox News? Can he not spell the word Limbaugh? Does he think Karl Rove is an idiot? What a disaster this could have been in our campaign to take back The White House! Yes, I have been one of John’s strongest supporters for many years, and yes, I think his statements in his recent interview were made by a lawyer. No matter how much I cannot stand The National Enquirer, there is a stink emanating from his words on Nightline that no gas mask or nose-clip can withstand. Ms. Hunter has stated publicly, in so many words, that Elizabeth Edwards hates her guts. Of course she implied this concept as politely as possible, but the emotion felt by Elizabeth is quietly unmistakable. The skunk has pooted and no amount of legal mangling of the language is going to hide the smell.

The American voters will get what we deserve, regardless of the money made by the millionaire talking heads who salivate over their bank accounts with every new disclosure uprooted by The National Enquirer. The MSM will let the sleazebucket periodical do all the dirty work while they bask in the glow of the cathode ray tube. The millionaires are all getting what they wanted in the first place, the political demise of John Edwards and his populist platform. They don’t care how they achieve their goal, as long as it works for them, and with a populace that often appears on Jay Leno’s Jaywalking, how easy can it be to discredit a politician? As long as one party worships greed above all else and the other party worships diversity above all else, and they both love a sex scandal more than any other type of news, how hard can it be to control the sheep, keep all the money, and send the nation down the toilet for short-term profit?

I have always been the kind of person who learns from experience, questions authority, and stands on my soapbox for whatever cause I think is right and just. In recent years John Edwards has been the champion of that cause at a level higher than any other politician who has had a mosquito’s chance of walking into The Oval Office. If American politics was even a little sane, we would have had Nader, Kucinich, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Brown, Howard Dean or some other dedicated American in The White House long ago. By dedicated I mean someone with true compassion and vision who will speak truth to power. John Edwards should have been that man for 2008. It’s a damn shame he isn’t.

Floyd M. Orr is an author, commentator, and book critic. More of his political commentary can be found at Suck the Boob. His most recent book is Timeline of America. All his books can be found at Amazon and B&N. PODBRAM is his book critic blog and e-tabitha is his website.

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