“I deleated information about my father that was false. It was an accusation made by a convicted criminal. My father, James Druck was never investigated nor charged with any criminal activity.”

John Edwards affair

Wikipedia and Rielle Hunter are back in the news.

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UPDATE #1: 11:57 EDT

It appears that Reille Hunter, unavailable for comment thus far in the John Edwards scandal, speaking through another means: namely, Wikipedia?

A few weeks ago, Wikipedia was in the news, after a series of online debates at the site had stifled all mention of Rielle Hunter and the Edwards’ affair. [John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Debate at Wikipedia Rages and John Edwards Love Child: Wikipedia Editor Defends Go-Slow Policies On Edwards Entry]. Now, Wikipedia not only has a page devoted to “John Edwards’ extramarital affair” but to “Rielle Hunter‎”

DBKP’s crack research squad alerted us to an interesting edit at the on-line encyclopedia which appears to have been made by Rielle Hunter, or her sister, Melissa, on the “Rielle Hunter” page.

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They emailed with a Heads Up!

Hunter (or her sister?) editing Rielle Hunter Wikipedia article

With the account name ALJDJDD


Click on the “diff” link on the contributions page for the edits they made.

Are there any other possibilities for the Wikipedia edits, other than Rielle Hunter, or sister, Melissa Druck?

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by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Scandal: Rielle Hunter Editing Her Own Wikipedia Page

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