In Two Weeks, Edwards Campaign Has Not Had to Respond to Allegations

The Enquirer Scooped the Mainstream Media On Other Political Scandals

It Took a Disbelieving Press Time to Get Up to Speed On Those Also

The SS John Edwards Love Child Scandal Sets Sail

It’s been almost two weeks since the National Enquirer first broke the story of John Edward’s “alleged” love child.

The story of Edwards and the video maker vixen: how Edwards hired a 44-year-old single lass to make a series of films on the “real John Edwards” turned into an affair, and then a bun in the oven for Ms. Hunter.

The MSM turned up its collective noses at the Enquirer piece. Edwards denied it, to some reporter, somewhere on the primary campaign trail. Edwards, Democrat, former malpractice attorney and one time Senator from North Carolina is running for the office of President.

We’re still baffled by the silence, or laziness of the MSM on this matter. Have we reached an era when the MSM know longer cares what a candidate does in his spare time while campaigning for President, at least the Democrat candidates. Woe unto any Republican: the same set of sub-standards applied to the Dems do not apply to them.

For the MSM to look askance at the Enquirer story about Edwards is puzzling. The Enquirer was responsible for breaking Pardongate: Hillary Clinton’s two siblings, with their pockets lined with cash from persons pardoned by husband Bill, during the remaining hours of his presidency.

The Enquirer also spilled the beans on Rush Limbaugh’s love affair with the drug, Oxycontin.

What other political scandal stories has the Enquirer scooped the MSM on? Why are bloggers the only ones working on this story right now?
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The SS John Edwards Love Child Scandal Sets Sail 


The SS John Edwards Love Child Scandal Sets Sail

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