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What is the Connection between an NBA Player and Rielle Hunter?

Does she like Pro Basketball? 

Mainstream Media Curiosity Still Not Killing Any Cats 

Question: What former NBA player’s latest charity outreach involves providing housing for unwed, pregnant women?

Hint #1: The player and various family members have each contributed the allowable limit each to the John Edwards campaign, for a total of over $15,000.

Hint #2: The unwed, pregnant woman is actually just one: Rielle Hunter, the former producer of videos for the Edwards campaign that traveled around the country last year with the presidential candidate.

DBKP received a tip that Hunter is now living in the house of a former NBA player who is also an Edwards backer.

Again, this caused us to ask questions.

Was Rielle Hunter a professional basketball fan?

What is the connection between Hunter and the NBA player/Edwards contributor?

Will this cause any curiosity in a Mainstream Media that seems determined not to exhibit any?

How long until one reporter is curious enough to ask the one question that no one has asked presidential candidate, John Edwards, “Do you deny that you have been in phone contact with Rielle Hunter since she discovered she was pregnant?”

Of course, if it had been the New York Times or CNN that had broken the details and provided the legwork for the curious connections between John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, the Edwards campaign and Hunter’s moving near Edwards campaign headquarters–instead of tabloid The National Enquirer–we suspect that Mainstream Media curiosity might have been a little more forthcoming.

Regardless, this seems to be a singular instance of when the famous “public’s right to know” doesn’t count for much.

It was a week ago today that “Rielle Hunter” was a number one search term on Google. That means that more people searched for information on “Rielle Hunter” than on any other topic, at least for part of that day.

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John Edwards Scandal: Rielle Hunter Housed by Former NBA Player


John Edwards Scandal: Rielle Hunter Housed by Former NBA Player

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