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Print Trumps Digital for some Areas of the Country
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John Edwards Scandal

Editors all over America are scampering to the checkout line to buy the latest edition of the National Enquirer, which contains the photos they were waiting on: John Edwards scandal photos.

For awhile, the print media trumped the digital: the photos were only available until a short while ago in the National Enquirer’s print edition.

The National Enquirer has released its latest information in the John Edwards Scandal investigation.

The stunning “spy photo” shows the former presidential contender holding his infant daughter Frances Quinn Hunter at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles – where the ENQUIRER caught him visiting the baby’s mother, his mistress Rielle Hunter.

Edwards is holding his love child while standing in front of a distinctive striped curtain.

The same window covering hangs in each one of the hotel’s guest rooms – and is clearly visible in photos of guest rooms on the hotel’s Web site.

A source quoted by the Enquirer states, “His elaborate coverup is unraveling at the seams.”

Alerted to the existence of the photos by a reader earlier, DBKP, like those many mainstream media editors, checked the Enquirer’s website–which still was silent on the matter–and left in pursuit of the latest edition of the Enquirer.

No luck. The new issue was not available yet in our area. When we returned twenty minutes ago, the Enquirer’s site featured the damning photos.

Look for updates to this and an earlier DBKP story throughout today.

The Enquirer and DBKP also…

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by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Scandal: Enquirer Print Trumps Digital

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