“We drew ’em a road map to the story. All they had to do was follow it and do a little basic reporting. We did it. Fox did it. They can, too–if they want to.”
David Perel, Editor-in-Chief, National Enquirer,
on the Mainstream Media failure to check out the John Edwards affair and cover-up

Our 2nd Interview covers:

* David Perel on the National Enquirer’s latest allegations in the John Edwards scandal [EDWARDS’ HU$H MONEY TO MISTRESS], which involve hush money being funneled to Rielle Hunter, their baby and former Edwards Director of Finance, Andrew Young, who earlier claimed he was the father.

* When the pictures are coming out
* Whether there is a video of the whole Beverly Hilton episode
* Why the story is important

DBKP talked to David Perel today, and the National Enquirer’s Editor-in-Chief had a little advice for slack-jawed competitors in the news biz who dismiss the story [John Edwards Love Child Scandal] because it appeared first in the Enquirer.

“Try doing a little basic reporting. Do the work. Prove us wrong.”

A week after the National Enquirer’s reporting team cornered John Edwards in a Beverly Hilton men’s room, not a word about the growing scandal has appeared in the New York Times.

Nor on CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, or in the pages of Time or Newsweek.

Four days after Fox News confirmed the confrontation by interviewing a security guard at the Beverly Hilton, we’re assured by the LA Times that their “Metro Desk is on it”.

No word from the Times Metro Desk on what they’ve uncovered. To our knowledge, the memo that Times Blog Editor, Tony Pearce, circulated to his reporters not to mention the scandal on-line, hasn’t been rescinded.

No Denial from Edwards

A trial lawyer–one who has built his fortune and spent his life suing others–is accused of fathering an illegitimate child while running for president. He’s later caught in the Beverly Hilton visiting his mistress and their love child, then runs from the Enquirer’s reporters.

All together: juicy lawsuit time.

If the story is false.

Yet, Edwards hasn’t threatened to take action against the Enquirer. What does this say?

David Perel just chuckled at the question–then hinted at more to come.

“We have a little more up our sleeve.”

Perez Hilton [Hu$h Little Mistre$$] , scooped the New York Times and CNN on this story–merely by mentioning it. He asks the same questions as DBKP:

Johnny boy has yet to make a comment about the shenanigans asserted by the Enquirer.

Why not?

What do y’all think????

John Edwards

The Photos

What about the lack of coverage by the respectable press, and one report that the Mainstream Media is waiting for photos from the Enquirer before they’ll cover the story?

“I thought Gawker wrote it beautifully this morning.”

He then read the following passage from Ryan Tate’s piece, “Edwards Mistress’ Hush Money: $15,000/Month

Also via Radar (see prior link), the Washington Post and Huffington Post are anxiously awaiting pictures from the Enquirer’s reporting, because it’s not enough that Edwards isn’t denying the affair or love child, Hunter isn’t denying the affair or love child, a team of Enquirer reporters saw Edwards go in and out of the hotel to visit the love child and a security guard confirmed to Fox News that Edwards hid from the Enquirer team just like the tabloid said.

The publications are also hungry for photos even though pictures of Edwards in or near a hotel will prove precisely nothing scandalous, in and of themselves. Talk about missing the point.

As DBKP’s LBG pointed out: “The MSM is waiting for the Enquirer to release photos to legitimize the story of an illegitimate baby.”

We agree. The mainstream press wants the Enquirer to do all the heavy lifting on the story, then, after the photos are published, tag along for the ride.

Their reasoning seems to be: the story is in the Enquirer. The Enquirer’s not credible, so the story’s not credible. But, when the Enquirer publishes the photos (You mean, in the same Enquirer that’s not credible?), then we’ll decide that it’s credible enough to run with.

Got that?

We asked Perel about the MSM’s call for photos. How about it?

“We’re on our schedule. Because we’re the only ones that pursued the story, they can’t get it anywhere else. We’re on our schedule and no one else’s. We’ve been leading the way on this. You want to see more? Go out and do your own reporting.”

This was as Radar reported Perel saying yesterday [Where Are the John Edwards Photos?]

“But no one will dictate the time-table for when we release our unpublished material. We’ve been setting the agenda, and will continue doing so.”

What about video footage, rumored to be in the Enquirer’s possession?

Continue reading: John Edwards Scandal: Enquirer Editor, David Perel “We Drew the Media a Road Map”

by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Scandal: Enquirer Editor, David Perel “We Drew the Media a Road Map”

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