Mainstream media headlines claim John Edwards admitted during his ABC Nightline interview that he lied and that he had an affair. And yet, after watching Edwards’ interview and reading the statement Edwards released to the press, DBKP came away with a different conclusion: Edwards, a former high-powered civil attorney, never used the word, “affair”, nor did he admit to lying.

During the interview and in his press statement Edwards never mentioned the word, “affair” nor Rielle Hunter. Instead he used the terms, “a serious mistake” and a “mistake I am responsible for”. In his statement he calls the affair a “serious error in judgment”, misconduct”, and once again, a “mistake”.

The MSM claimed Edwards “fessed” up to “lying” about the affair.

“Edwards: Although I was honest in every painful detail with my family, I did not tell the public.”

“I did not tell the public” is an omission, not an admission of lying. Remember, Edwards knew exactly the impact each and every word he chose to use when arguing his case before the public on Nightline.

“When a supermarket tabloid told a version of the story, I used the fact that the story contained many falsities to deny it. But being 99 percent honest is no longer enough.”

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Edwards never said he lied, he said he “denied”, but mitigated the denial by trashing the National Enquirer, saying it “contained many falsities”. Edwards never expounded on any of the “falsities”. Edwards also chose to defend himself by claiming he was “99% honest”. In fact, the only claim about “lying” was from Edwards in his interview, who charged it was the Enquirer who was lying:

“Nothing’s been done at my request, so if the allegation is that somehow I’ve participated in the payment of money, that is a lie. Absolute lie.”

Even though Edwards went out of his way to paint supermarket tabloids as publishing “outrageous allegations” and “falsities”, he admitted the Enquirer got it right when they reported on July 21 that Edwards had met with Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“I was at the Beverly Hilton. I was there for a very simple reason because I was trying to keep this mistake from becoming public.”

Edwards never explained as to what lead him to believe “this mistake” would become “public”. He was fairly adamant that he was not the father of Hunter’s baby and that he “welcomed” a paternity test. He also denied he paid “not one dime of hush money” nor did he know anyone who had.

Edwards refused to issue an apology saying it was “inadequate” to say he was “sorry” to the people who “believed in him” and to the people “who loved him”.

Edwards seemed entirely unapologetic to the public. Instead he defended his actions by talking about people “not knowing what goes on inside other people’s marriages”, his love for his wife, Elizabeth, and trashing the supermarket tabloids.

What else didn’t John Edwards leave out of his statement?

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Source: John Edwards Scandal: Edwards Defends Affair with Supermarket Tabloid Credibility Card

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