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Stranahan Wonders if He Will Become an “Unperson”

How are you going to keep the KOSsacks down on the farm, once they’ve seen the John Edwards Love Child Scandal?

My BNN and DBKP article praised left-liberal-progressive website, DailyKOS, on Friday [John Edwards Scandal: DailyKOS Readers Now Know; Others Remain In the Dark for writer/video producer] for letting their readers in on the John Edwards Scandal, via Lee Stranahan’s four KOS diary posts.

DailyKOS readers are free to now debate the facts of the case since Stranahan started posting on the scandal. They’ve been given that right by a writer who reported on a story that the Mainstream Media not only refused to investigate, but refused to report on others who had.

Guess we spoke too soon.

The progressive KOS-aratchiks pulled the plug on Stranahan’s diary the day after our story came out. He is now persona non grata at the People’s Republic of KOS.

In a title worthy of a ’50s pulp [I’ve Been banned from DailyKOS because of John Edwards], Stranahan–at his own blog, Stranahan dot com–writes:

About a week ago, I posted a piece on the Huffington Post called Say It Ain’t So, John. I didn’t think it would have much more impact than my usual posts…maybe a dozen comments or so, a couple of people linking to it. I cross posted on DailyKos, which is probably the best known and biggest progressive blog. I’ve been posting at Kos for a long time. As more news about Edwards has come out, I followed up with more posts which were also the subject of a large number of comments. All of them looked at the Edwards situation from my point of view; that is, a liberal who is concerned about the implications this story may have in November.

Now I’m banned. I can’t write about ANYTHING at Kos. Can’t comment, can’t post a non-Edwards piece. Nothing.

But what about free speech?

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by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Scandal: DailyKOS Bans Stranahan for Writing About Edwards

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