John Edwards Affair/Scandal/Coverup:
Democrat Party Pariah Attempts to Resurrect
A Political Career in Shambles

Rise from the Dead

Former VP candidate Speaks for First Time in Months

John Edwards is hoping that a third media blackout is the charm to resurrecting what remains of his battered political career.

  • The first media blackout was by a protective Mainstream Media which protected both Edwards and MSM news customers of all news about Edwards’ affair with mistress Rielle Hunter. It ran from November 2007 through August 8 2008, when Edwards ‘confessed’ on ABC’s Nightline.
  • The second media blackout as imposed by the Democrat Party. After Edwards’ Nightline appearance, he was still under the illusion that his services were needed at the Democrat Convention in Denver. He was mistaken and prominent Democrats told him–both publicly and in private–“Thanks, but no thanks. Stay away.”

    When Edwards attempted to resume speaking engagements after the Dem convention to keep himself in the public eye, he was again counseled to cool it. Edwards then issued a statement that he didn’t want to be a “distraction” to an Obama campaign which had considered him as a top-tier VP candidate–before his ABC mea culpa. He canceled his remaining speaking engagements until after the election.

  • The third media blackout has been imposed by Edwards himself. Edwards spoke at a closed-door appearance at Indiana University November 11. Recording devices and cameras were banned from the speaking room. Spontaneous questions were off-limits as well.

    Mary Catherine Ham says that Edwards, “only took written questions submitted beforehand, and the affair didn’t come up. We shall have to wait.”

Ham’s assessment of an Edwards’ comeback:

Can he make a comeback? Democrats were angry at him, not because he cheated (as they made sure to stipulate, so as to avoid being pegged as insufficiently non-judgmental), but because he endangered their electoral prospects. Surely, he’ll stick around as a middling speaker, but in the Age of Obama, how does a sullied Southerner the Dems don’t even need to gain the Bubba vote forge a path back to prominence?

Sounds like a good call to us.

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CNN’s Andrew Mooney wonders about an Edwards’ comeback as well–and also uses the ‘P’ word: pariah.

The man who had been considered a major contender for the Democratic nomination instantly became a pariah in his own party and didn’t merit so much as a mention at the Democratic National Convention a month later.

But with the 2008 presidential election officially in the history books, Edwards may be looking to accomplish what a handful of other national political figures have been able to do: successfully re-emerge from an embarrassing public scandal that by all appearances has left his political career in ruins.

But Edwards’ future just may hinge on how he goes about re-entering the public sphere. While it remains a long shot that Edwards will ever run for office again, he could re-emerge as a powerful voice for a set of issues he championed during the Democratic presidential primary: poverty and healthcare.

One wonders how effectively Edwards can talk about poverty when the multi-millionaire trial lawyer’s experiences for decades have been more of the penthouse variety.


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by Mondo Frazier
Source: John Edwards Scandal: Edwards Begins Political Comeback Attempt

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