Edwards Flees Reporters–Again

What did John Edwards and Hillary Clinton
Discuss in the Phone Call before Hillary announced
Edwards’ Withdrawal from the 2008 Race?

Does Hillary Read the Enquirer?

Hillary\'s Latest Message to the Faithful

Does Hillary Clinton read the Enquirer?

Did Hillary Clinton know what the major news organizations knew back in December, but didn’t report on: namely, that John Edwards had a problem–a “love child” problem?

Did she “suggest” that Edwards get out of the race–which surprised some observers–or she would start asking some questions of her own?

It now becomes clearer: if Hillary Clinton had started publicly asking “love child” questions back in February before Super Tuesday, that would have forced the press to cover the allegations.

The same allegations that the press could ignore–as long as the National Enquirer and small parts of the Blogosphere were the only ones asking those questions. As long as one of their own didn’t break the cone of silence placed around the story by the traditional press, Edwards was free to continue his campaign for the presidency.

Does Hillary Clinton read the Enquirer?

Back on January 31, DBKP’s LBG reported that it was Hillary Clinton, rather than Edwards, that first announced his withdrawal from the Democrat primaries. [Hillary Clinton Announces Edwards’ Exit, Was it the Right Price?]

Hillary announced Edwards was dropping out of the race in an AM interview, while Edwards’ own announcement came later in the day in New Orleans.

All sappiness regarding Edwards aside, the more interesting story was tagged onto the end of Hillary Clinton’s “announcement” during an interview this morning with King5 News in Seattle.

Despite the fact that Edwards had not made a formal or informal announcement that he was dropping out of the presidential race, Hillary told the King5 News Team that Edwards had called her on the phone to tell her that he was dropping out.

Hillary gave a glowing referral to Edward’s campaign while giving her own stump speech as to why Edward’s supporters should support her.

We wondered what was behind the scenes with Hillary and Edwards little telephone talk and whether Edwards knew Hillary would be announcing his departure from the race.

We also wondered if any deals had been made, if Edwards was given any promises of future positions within the Hillary cabinet, perhaps even the V-P slot.

We were surprised to hear of Edwards’ impending departure as Edwards had said he was going to stick to his campaign all the way, even if he failed to score in next week’s Super Tuesday, that he intended to ride his campaign bus to the doors of the Democrat’s convention held in Denver in late August.

We saw a different side to Edwards than the AP reporter, Nedra Pickler, did.

John Edwards Love Child Scandal
Welcome to the EnquireOSphere

It’s likely we still do.

LBG asked some questions, in that story, about a possible deal.

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Source: John Edwards Scandal: Did Hillary Use Scandal to Force Edwards Out of the Race?

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