The Mainstream Media Imposed a Media Blackout on the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter story

Anxious not to Lose “Access”, Reporters on the Edwards Campaign beat became Protectors
Not One Question asked about the Story or its Cover-up

While MSM News Shows Ratings Plummeted, Millions Searched On-line for News of the Story

“The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

The famous quote is about a hundred years old and can be traced to the work of Finley Peter Dunne, one of the great journalists of the day, who wrote about politics and culture in the voice and persona of an Irishman named “Mr. Dooley.”

Most of today’s MSM reporters seem to have that quote backwards, however–at least where John Edwards and the story of his affair with Rielle Hunter, the cover-up and an approving MSM media.

It wasn’t that MSM reporters were ignorant of the story and chose not to pursue it–although that was the template that every single MSM outlet followed religiously–it was their antagonism toward any who did pursue it.

They became, in the words of one DBKP staffer, “good little reporters, looking for a Scooby snack”.

Some thought that that was being generous: diplomatic-speak for “lap dogs”.

MSM reporters perhaps kidded themselves into silence on the Love Child story by ‘not wanting to affect the election’.

John Edwards is now dropping his campaign for president, 2008 version. But one has to believe, based on past experiences, that the MSM press will find other excuses not to ask Edwards any tough questions.

Bob Schieffer’s famous “two deny rule”–two people in the Edwards campaign denied the story by the National Enquirer, so it’s not a valid story–would have damned any Watergate coverage in the 1970s.

But one wonders what the amount of coverage the story would have received had Edwards had an identifying “Rep” after his name.

The Dan Rather revelation on CBS Evening News of forged, fake documents concerning President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard comes to mind.

The stonewalling of CBS in the face of indisputable evidence the documents were forged also comes to mind.

All that occurred on the eve of a national presidential election.

Thank goodness Edwards had the anointed “Dem” by his name: it usually proves to be the ‘mark of indulgence’ by the mainstream press. In effect, it’s a free pass for behavior, criminal and otherwise.

True to form, the MSM press didn’t deviate on the Edwards-Hunter story, either.

The reporters following Edwards on the campaign beat were good little reporters: never rocking the boat, not wishing to write a discouraging word. Eating and traveling with the candidate they became the press equivalent of bodyguards.

Meanwhile, the millions of people who might have been interested in watching a CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN news show reliably stayed away from those “news shows”, as they were as usual, devoid of news.

What was the most searched for term on Google in the days after November 19th? What news were people most searching for on the Internet when none was forthcoming in the Mainstream press outlets?

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John Edwards Love Child: MSM Press were “Good Little Reporters” 


John Edwards Love Child: MSM Press were “Good Little Reporters”

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