One Major Network Reportedly Ready
to Finally Report on the Edwards Love Child Scandal
Is Mainstream Media Blackout Ready to End?
MSM testing the Water

UPDATE: DBKP has learned that “one major news network” is reportedly “ready to go” with a report on the Edwards’ hotel meeting with the National Enquirer’s reporters and photographers. The Enquirer reportedly had a team of seven reporters at the Beverly Hilton when Edwards arrived.

Will just one mainstream media reporter ask Edwards what he was doing at the hotel in the early AM? Does any MSM reporter have the balls to risk having his access to ask softball questions of Edwards cut off?

We’ll see.

More details continue to emerge from the National Enquirer‘s Love Child Scandal Update.

The Enquirer has released the identity of the man who drove Edwards to the meeting that the Enquirer’s reporters caught wind of and recorded. He’s Bob McGovern, the very same man who drove Rielle Hunter to the tryst at the Beverly Hilton.

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From National Enquirer: John Edwards Love Child Update

We can now reveal that the man who drove Edwards was Bob McGovern, the same man who drove Rielle to the hotel from Santa Barbara and rented her room in his name.

He was driving a 1999 four-door midnight blue BMW.

Said Butterfield: “The car had a baby seat in the back for Rielle’s infant. He pulled into the parking lot, took a ticket from the automated machine, pulled forward, and stopped right after the parking gate lowered. Edwards got out of the passenger side, walked around the front of the car and went in a side entrance near the swimming pool.

“McGovern parked the car and then slowly walked back inside the hotel and went upstair


The Enquirer also released more information–no doubt pouring in from the same interested parties that have kept DBKP’s Email-box full of tips–on the Edwards camp’s reaction and possible mainstream press interest.


The Enquirer released the Edwards camp reactions, as well as additional details in their latest update, which are included below. The incident seems to have been caught on video…

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Source: John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: Story about to Enter MSM? UPDATE

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