Rielle Hunter Living in House Owned by Edwards’ Backer

Picture of Rielle in a Hurry

Still No Statement by Edwards Campaign

One Big Happy Family: Reille, the “father” and wife and kids sit down to dinner

The latest on the John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal story from the National Enquirer.

What’s new about the presidential candidate’s supposed love child and the campaign video-producing mother?

* A picture of Rielle, very pregnant, is displayed on the Enquirer website. In the picture, Rielle Hunter doesn’t seem to notice the presence of a photographer. She does, however, appears to be in a hurry.

* Rielle Hunter was placed in a rental home in the Governor’s Club, the same gated community that Andrew Young (not the former U.N. ambassador) has a multi-million dollar home.

* Young is Edwards’ former “North Carolina Finance Director”.

* The home Hunter is living in, is owned by an Edwards’ backer and is less than five miles from Edwards’ national campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill, N.C.

* Someone is quoted saying that “Young is a friend of Hunter” and nothing more. Although at this point, he seems to be her chaperon.

* The question is raised about why Young, whom Edwards’ campaign insists is the father, would place his mistress in the same locale as his wife and kids.

Maybe Young is not very experienced in the cheating husband role.

These facts are interspersed throughout the story that has been emerging on the Enquirer’s website and in the pages of its tabloid.

Expect more news and bigger news later this evening or early tomorrow morning. That’s when new Enquirers will be hitting many locations for sale.

Is the press asking any questions?

Is the Edwards’ campaign saying anything yet?

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John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: Hunter Living in Edwards Backer’s House 


John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: Hunter Living in Edwards Backer’s House

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