The Surroundings of Rielle Hunter, Andrew Young?

A Look At the Well-Heeled Governor’s Club

“The Life Of Rielle”
Rielle Hunter, pregnant single woman, supported by a lover, ensconced in swank surroundings, living the kind of life a poverty-stricken unwed mother would never dare to dream about.

The National Enquirer claims John Edwards had an affair and that the woman is now pregnant with his baby. The woman in question, 44-year-old Rielle Hunter, claims the father is 41-year-old Andrew Young, political operative and until recently, Director of Finance of the Edwards for President campaign.

Such is the enigma of Rielle Hunter. A throwback to the old days of the pampered “other woman” or the state of today’s connubial bliss?

The first Enquirer story ran on October 10.

Nowhere in the Enquirer was the “woman” named nor her “profession.”

The very next day a woman named Rielle Hunter issued a “denial” by way of the website, Mydd.

“The innuendos and lies that have appeared on the internet and in the National Enquirer concerning John Edwards are not true, completely unfounded and ridiculous.

My video production company was hired by the Edwards camp on a 6 month contract, which we completed December 31, 2006.

When working for the Edwards camp, my conduct as well as the conduct of my entire team was completely professional.

This concocted story is just dirty politics and I want no part of it.”

John Edwards also made a statement the same day as Hunter:

Reporters asked Edwards about The ENQUIRER report during a campaign stop in Columbia, S.C., on Oct. 11. Edwards responded: “The story is false. It’s completely untrue, ridiculous,” adding: “Anyone who knows me knows that I have been in love with the same woman for 30 plus years.” [1]

The question has been raised here at DBKP: why did Rielle Hunter come out with a statement against the Enquirer when it never named her, her profession, age or where she resided.

In essence, outing herself?

If you look closely at her “statement” on October 11 Hunter claims her “relationship” with the Edwards’ campaign was “professional.” No one knew at the time she made this statement that Ms. Hunter was pregnant and that little over a month later, she would move to North Carolina, to a gated community of luxury homes five miles from the Edwards campaign headquarters.Just Where did Rielle Hunter End Up and What Does it Look Like?

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John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Country Club Concubine

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