Katie Couric Asks John Edwards an Interesting Question on CBS Evening News

John Edwards Gives an Interesting Answer

More on the Rielle Hunter videos 
“I think that, as you point out, there have been American presidents that at least according to the … stories we’ve all heard, that were not faithful, that were in fact good presidents. So I don’t think it controls the issue.”

–John Edwards this evening with Katie Couric on CBS Evening News

“Jonathan Prince offered to let me and my editor, Tom Edsall, watch the videos – apparently unaware that at one point his campaign claimed not to have access to them.”

–Sam Stein,in The Huffington Post, on the videos produced by Rielle Hunter for John Edwards that mysteriously became “unavailable”.

The John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal is not going away.

The Edwards’ campaign has issued no statements, apparently either not completely sure what to say or satisfied that observers will dismiss the National Enquirer’s information that the supermarket tabloid started releasing yesterday as trashy gossip.

And indeed, things did die down today–for awhile.

By late afternoon, if one Googled “John Edwards” in “NEWS”, the Enquirer’s slot with accompanying stories had disappeared, to be replaced about topics like how “cool” the Edwards campaign was in Iowa.

The Enquirer’s slot on the Edwards NewsSearch returned this evening.

Maybe it was because some others are beginning to take notice of the curious affair of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

By an odd circumstance, Katie Couric, tonight’s CBS Evening News, asked the candidates their views on infidelity.

John Edwards was among them.

His answer, in its entirety, is contained later in this piece. The part of his answer reproduced at the top of this page may prove revealing, however.

Not a whiff of a statement from the Edwards campaign can be detected at this point.

Having read Sam Stein’s Huffington Post piece on the mysterious Rielle Hunter videos, I re-read it again last night and again a little while ago.

Read the rest of the story:

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: CBS Now Interested? 


John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child Sex Scandal: CBS Now Interested?

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