30 Quotes From the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child Scandal

Collected from Throughout the Media

Quotes Taken From the First 4 Days of the Story 

Actually, there’s 31.

We gave you one to grow on.

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* “Rielle told me she had a secret affair with Edwards. When she found out that she was pregnant, she said he was the father.”
–unnamed friend of Rielle Hunter, who supplied the National Enquirer with emails and tapes of phone messages of the one-time producer of webisodes for the Edwards campaign.

* “I did not cheat on my sick wife.”
–November 29 Headline at Jossip

* “I’ve come to the conclusion I just want the country to see who I really am.”
–John Edwards, earlier this year, in one of the Reille Hunter-produced videos.

* “[Rielle Hunter] lingers over the former senator’s behind as he tucks a starched white shirt into his pants.”
–September 29, Overlawyered – John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

* “…an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year old.”
–Jay McInerney on Rielle Hunter

* “I think if when the baby is born its first words are not “Wahhhhhhhhh” but “I’m gonna sue” that would be good evidence of Edwards’ involvement.”
–Classical Values – The Life of Rielle

* “John Edwards is pro-abortion….so what’s the problem?”
–Comment left by Satan on DBKP’s “Who Is Rielle Hunter?

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John Edwards Love Child Scandal: 30 Quotes 


John Edwards Love Child Scandal: 30 Quotes

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