John Edwards Caught with Rielle Hunter and Baby
Will the MSM Catch Up Now?

Rielle Hunter

John Edwards can now probably kiss his Vice presidential prospects with Barack Obama good-bye now that he’s been caught leaving the Beverly Hilton, after a meeting with Rielle Hunter and their love child in LA early Tuesday morning.

Of course, that’s assuming that the Mainstream Media picks up on the story this time around.

The story of Edwards and his one-time campaign worker, Hunter, surfaced in October 2007, when the National Enquirer first broke the story.

John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child Scandal Library of Stories

Thought the paper never named Hunter as the “other woman” in the affair, Hunter came out and denounced the Enquirer story on a small website at the time. [See “John Edwards Love Child Scandal: Why Did Rielle Hunter Denounce the National Enquirer 9 Weeks Before Publication Named Her?“].

That story excited little interest, but it seemed like a tidal wave of publicity compared to the media reaction when the Enquirer released it’s December 2007 story and named Hunter as the other half of the affair.

The Mainstream Media totally blacked out the story.

Not one reporter asked Edwards, who at the time was on the campaign trail in his quest for the presidency, about the allegations–even though it was revealed that Hunter had been moved 5 miles from the Edwards Campaign HQ in Chapel Hill NC. The fact that the house she was living in was owned by an Edwards’ backer didn’t excite any MSM curiosity.

[See “John Edwards Scandal, The Press: Edwards Campaign’s Curious Connections with Rielle Hunter Excite No Mainstream Curiosity“.]

Neither did the fact that Hunter was driving around in a BMW registered to a campaign official.

Will this time be any different?

Probably, since Edwards is no longer in the hunt for the Democrat nomination. He was, however, mentioned prominently in discussions as a possible VP candidate for Barack Obama. Others mentioned Edwards’ name as a possible Attorney General candidate.

[at left: Beverly Hilton, where John Edwards was caught leaving a meeting with Rielle Hunter and her baby.]

The Blogosphere was the only place anyone seeking information on Edwards and Hunter could turn. [“John Edwards Scandal, The Press, The Enquirer and the Blogosphere“]

How quickly will the MSM pick up on a story which rightly should have been covered six or eight months ago?

The fact the story was blacked out is one reason the MSM is undergoing difficult times. “Rielle Hunter” was the most-searched for term on Google at the time, but that may have been partly due to the media black out.

Perhaps this time around, “third time’s will prove to be a charm”.

by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Love Child: Edwards Caught but MSM Just Now Catching Up

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