An Inside Look at How the National Enquirer
Scooped the Mainstream Media
In the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Investigation
–Difficulties, as well as Disapproval and Dismissal by the MSM during the investigation.

National Enquirer

How did the supermarket checkout staple, The National Enquirer, scoop the combined forces of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, Time Magazine, Newsweek, USA Today, New York Times and the rest of the mainstream press in the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child affair?

“Inquiring minds want to know.”

After an hour-long interview with David Perel, Editor-in-Chief of the National Enquirer, we can now say with certainty: it was easy. The steadfast “cone of silence” placed on the story by the Mainstream Media made it easy for anyone willing to do the legwork to grab the story from a decidedly-uninterested “respectable” press.

Perel, who was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the Enquirer in 2005, has overseen the John Edwards Scandal investigation from the very start and provided DBKP with some interesting insights on Edwards, the Love Child Scandal and the Mainstream Media.

Mondoreb: Hi David, congratulations on the National Enquirer’s scoop of the mainstream press–again.

David Perel: Thank you. It was nice to finally have the “smoking gun”.

Mondo: This story has been on-going over the last–what–ten months?

DP: Yes, something like that. Certainly, it’s taken some time.

Mondo: Do you feel vindicated by the latest turn of events in the John Edwards Love Child Story–after the Enquirer’s reporters cornered Edwards in the Beverly Hilton?

DP: Absolutely. We’d gotten information and tips that Edwards was seeing Rielle Hunter and the baby. On Monday, we got some good intel that there was going to be a meeting at the Beverly Hilton hotel and we got the information in time to get everyone in place when it happened. We had a big team on it.

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Mondo: I seem to remember that back in December, when the Enquirer broke the second installment of the Edwards scandal, that you had seven reporters working on the story then. How many did you have at the Beverly Hilton this time?

DP: There were seven on this story, also.

[NOTE: Presumably, they were all in optimum positions, as Edwards ran into not only two Enquirer reporters trying to make his escape from the hotel, but at least one Enquirer photographer, as well.]

Mondo: It’s been over ten months since the Enquirer broke the Edwards scandal; seven-plus months since the December story that named Rielle Hunter as the “other woman” and showed her visibly pregnant. What was the Enquirer doing in the last seven months that the major press organizations could have been doing, but didn’t, that allowed you scoop them?

DP: We stayed on the story. We did it the old-fashioned way, with lots of legwork. We did what the major news organizations used to do: we knocked on doors, ran down leads and talked to people.

Mondo: Why do you think the “major news organizations” didn’t do this?

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by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards Affair: Interview with David Perel, Editor-in-Chief of the National Enquirer

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