Despite Earlier Reports, National Enquirer Had Story on Website At 3:00 am

At 6:00 am EST, John Edwards Sex Scandal Story Has Disappeared

Where’s the NE Story?

Is National Enquirer Retracting it?  Or are they just Re-Tooling it? 

Is this Whole Sex Scandal Thing Still On or Not? 

Either Way, Hunter is Living “Life of Rielle”
DNA Sample Would Clear Things Up in a Hurry For Edwards

“He’s Pro-Abortion, So What’s the Problem?”

Testing the Theory: There is no such thing as Bad Publicity

John Edwards is expected to again deny reports that he’s the father of a love child by a former campaign worker.

The allegations resurfaced after the National Enquirer announced it now has photos of a visibly pregnant Rielle Hunter.

Hunter, at one point known as Lisa Druck, is saying that another member of the Edwards’ campaign is the father.

But then, Rielle or Lisa, told the National Enquirer, when she answered the door, that she was neither.
If the Enquirer’s revelations are true, Reille Hunter at one point was known as Lisa Druck and John Edwards at one point was known as a candidate.

National Enquirer Website Watch Begins 

1:15 am EST: Story Safe and Secure on National Enquirer Website

3:00 am EST: One Blog Reports Story is Pulled; Our Links still Work to Story.

We leave comment at blog informing them!
6:15 am EST: Chuck Adkins Calls Us “Morons”; National Enquirer Story is Now Down!


Inquiring minds want to know!

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John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Hunter Living Life of Rielle 


John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Hunter Living Life of Rielle

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