8:08 AM EST:

National Enquirer “John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal” Story is Back Up

Story had been Missing From Enquirer’s Site for Approximately 4 Hours

Absence Was Reported Numerous Places on Internet 

Drudge, Meme orandum Still Up 

Will Enquirer Make Up its Mind? 

The John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal that was reported in the National Enquirer yesterday has been more of an overnight story than anything happening on the John Edwards’ side.

The Enquirer story reported a “World Exclusive!”

It had photos of a very pregnant, Rielle Hunter, a former Edwards’ campaign worker/staff/producer of docudramas, and reports of multiple sources stating that the father was Democrat candidate, John Edwards.

The story had been reported once before in October by the National Enquirer and pulled down after a denial by the Edwards campaign.

Various parts and additions of the story were reported over the next two months, particularly in the Huffington Post.

But the Enquirer laid low.

Then yesterday, on the same day that some polls showed that John Edwards had taken a lead in Iowa, the Enquirer fired both barrels of scandal at the former North Carolina Senator: photos of Rielle “in a family way” and sourced reports stating that the father was Edwards.

But what happened to the scandal story at the Enquirer’s website early this morning?

We don’t pretend to know the inner workings of the NE.

Maybe it was a glitch.

Back to Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

Read rest of the story:

John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Surf’s Up! 


John Edwards Love Child Sex Scandal: Surf’s Up!
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