The National Enquirer Broke the Story about John Edwards’ Love Child

AOL News Had an “Interview” with National Enquirer’s Editor-In-Chief

Only the Story has Disappeared

Our Theory about the Mysterious “Interview” 

Did a ‘interview’ actually take place?
Our theory about what happened to the mysterious “interview”.

One more curious item in the John Edwards Love Child Scandal:

Yesterday a story appeared on AOL News which detailed an “interview with National Enquirer Editor-in-Chief, David Perel”. We read the short piece and decided to comment on the “interview”. But first, it was decided to grab a sandwich first.

When we returned, the “interview” had disappeared!

We continuously checked it throughout last evening, but the “interview” never re-appeared on the AOL News site. Memeorandum still had it referenced. Okay, maybe it was a glitch.

This morning, same thing.

The “interview” was still missing. Along side, other referenced stories containing the interview were also gone. Such as this one at Blogging Stocks: National Enquirer Editor Defends Edwards Love Child Story

Where was the mysterious interview?

Now THIS was a story for the National Enquirer!

And that is exactly what we suspect happened to the “interview”, which was still up on Memeorandum a few minutes ago.

Here’s DBKP’s theory on the missing “interview”.

There was no interview. Never was.

We’re theorizing that the person who reported the ‘interview’ at AOL News was anticipating a media coup: an interview with the brains behind the hot scandal of the moment, the Enquirer’s Perel.

He most likely did what we did yesterday. Contact the National Enquirer and talk to someone about the scandal. He also probably talked to the same person we talked to yesterday, the aforementioned Perel.

DBKP was hunting information on past scandals that the MSM had ignored and the Enquirer had broken. We had most of them, but didn’t want to miss any. So we called the NE.

Read rest of story:

John Edwards Love Child Scandal: “Interview” Never Happened 


John Edwards Love Child Scandal: “Interview” Never Happened

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