National Enquirer Breaks another Story

First Sex Scandal of the 2008 Presidential Campaign Happens in 2007

Shades of the Monkey Business 

John Edwards has a love child, the National Enquirer has photos and the Edwards’ campaign has a mega-headache.

Pass the aspirin.

Shades of the Monkey Business.

The National Enquirer has once again made a foray into the political arena.

It has returned with the blow-dried head of John Edwards.
The Enquirer, once on the scent of a scandal, is not only relentless, but also generous in opening the hearts and mouths of those in the know.


The woman linked to Presidential candidate John Edwards in a cheating scandal is more than six months pregnant and telling a close confidante that Edwards is the father of her unborn child, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER’s political bombshell comes just weeks after Edwards emphatically denied having an affair with Rielle Hunter, who formerly worked on his campaign.

But The ENQUIRER has now confirmed not only that Rielle is pregnant, but she is also living in Chapel Hill, N.C. in a gated community, just a few streets away from Andrew Young, who has been a key official in Edwards’ campaign.

Who is Rielle Hunter? What does she look like?

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John Edwards Shared More with Rielle Hunter than the Shampoo 


John Edwards Shared More with Rielle Hunter than the Shampoo

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