Questions for John Edwards and Fred Baron, When Next Either Surfaces to Confront the Press
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John Edwards and Edwards\' finance chair, Fred Baron
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John Edwards and Fred Baron have had a close relationship over the last ten years. Both Edwards and Baron are successful trial attorneys and both shared the dream of seeing John Edwards elected President.

Baron, however, alleges that he never shared his knowledge of helping Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, and Edwards’ operative, Andrew Young, with expenses totaling thousands of dollars. He recently stated that although he admits talking to Elizabeth Edwards about the subject, he more recently stated he never mentioned Rielle Hunter’s arrangements to Elizabeth Edwards.

A DBKP reader, known only as “Phil Ander”, did some independent research into the Edwards’ campaign’s use of Fred Baron’s private jet and turned up some interesting information–and a LOT of questions about the connection. The research must have taken some time to compile–it took two of us some time just to confirm and follow its weaving, winding trail.

Readers can ask their own questions after reading.

Or, perhaps they will have additional questions of their own.

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The information on the Internet does not jibe. There is probably a logical explanation but it is not apparent.

1. Reports filed by the Edwards campaign show many (apparently 128) payments for “airfare” to Frederick Baron (Federal Election Commission,; There are more airfare payments to Frederick Baron than any other airfare payee.

2. There appears to be only one entry for airfare payment to Baron & Budd, of $2,517, according to the Open Secrets website.

3. Baron’s full name is Frederick Martin Baron. He lives in Dallas, TX (Wikipedia entry for Fred Baron,; website for Baron’s charitable foundation, Baron & Blue Foundation,

4. Baron’s Wikipedia page and many news items on the internet state the campaign paid Fred Baron $1.1 million (or other substantial figures, depending on the date reported) to rent his Hawker 800 private jet.

5. FAA records and other sites, such as, do not show any aircraft – – whether a Hawker 800 or other aircraft – – registered in the name of Fred or Frederick M. Baron. Two planes are registered to a Fred N. Baron in Garberville, CA. Neither is a Hawker 800. Fred N. Baron seems to be unconnected to Fred/Frederick M. Baron of Dallas, TX.

6 The Hawker 800, formerly manufactured by Raytheon, is now the BAE 125 Series 800, manufactured by British Aerospace and assembled by Hawker Beechcraft, according to the Wikipedia page, Hawker 800 (

7. A BAE 125 800, N-number 178AX, has been registered to Baron & Budd since January 2006, FAA online aircraft registration data shows.

8. Fred Baron and his wife, Lisa Blue, sometimes known as Lisa Baron, left Baron & Budd in 2002 and litigation ensued between the Barons and the firm. Neither Fred Baron nor Lisa Blue are listed as lawyers at Baron & Budd’s website, It seems unlikely the firm’s BAE 125 a/k/a Hawker 800 is leased to or actually owned by the Barons.Some Additional Questions to Ponder

If there are no registration records for an aircraft in Fred Baron’s name, why is the campaign paying Frederick Baron for airfare?

If Fred Baron’s ownership is through a corporation, why were the payments listed repeatedly to him instead of the corporation?

There are ten additional questions to be asked in light of the above.

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by Mondoreb
Source: John Edwards, Fred Baron: Campaign Travel Billings Raise New Questions

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