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John Edwards – Rielle Hunter
Fred Baron – Andrew Young – Frances Quinn Hunter

AP covers Sarah Palin’s picture of a caribou kill and has not time for Edwards’ operative Andrew Young and his lack of child support for Rielle Hunter’s daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter.

Where is Gloria Allred?

Where are all the child advocates?

Who speaks for 26-week-old Frances Quinn Hunter?

The National Enquirer has reported that Andrew Young–the loyal campaign foot soldier who took a bullet for the team and claimed he was the father of Rielle Hunter’s daughter, Frances–“has never given her [Hunter and daughter] a dime.

“Andrew Young hasn’t paid a red cent to Rielle or her baby Frances because he’s never had a relationship with Rielle and he’s not the father,” revealed a close source.

“He hasn’t even spoken to Rielle in almost two months since she lived with him and his wife Cheri and their three kids in Santa Barbara, Calif., as part of the cover-up.

If that is all true–and the Enquirer has batted 1.000 in the story thus far–that would make Andrew Young a deadbeat dad.

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It’s been reported that Andrew Young, Cheri Young and their children have tired of Southern California and made their way back to North Carolina. For a time, reports were that they moved back into the Governor’s Club house of ex-NBA player, Eric Montross.

Andrew Young is awaiting the finishing of construction on a new home–which will be valued at well over $1 million–which is said to be the payoff for his claiming paternity for Hunter’s baby.

Rielle Hunter and Frances Quinn

Actually, that is going too far: Young has never claimed to be the father of Frances Quinn Hunter. There was no name on the birth certificate. Young has never, according to the Enquirer, “paid a dime” in child support.

In fact, the only time that Andrew Young claimed to be the father was back in December.


Through a Fred Baron-arranged attorney.

In response to the National Enquirer’s December edition of the scandal.

Young’s attorney provided a statement at that time–no other statements have been provided–and no other announcements were forthcoming or needed. But the lone statement accomplished its intention: it quelled any curiosity in the MSM over the strange events of Edwards, Hunter, Young and the campaign’s handling of the the escapade.

Young’s statement did allow CBS News’ Bob Shieffer to roll over and go back to sleep.

There’s no report of Andrew Young ever being asked about his relationship with Hunter by any MSM reporter. The Enquirer reports that “now Andrew Young has simply clammed up”.

Our observation: not much clamming up was needed.

The MSM? They’re too busy looking into McCain VP pick, Sarah Palin, and the “bloody, dead caribou the mom just shot.”

Which leads to this story of Andrew Young, the tight-lipped deadbeat dad, the tight-lipped MSM and the equally-tight-lipped child advocates of the left.

The Enquirer’s source continued, “The Youngs no longer have contact with Rielle. Now if Andrew was indeed the father, don’t you think Rielle would be asking for child support?

“But Andrew never has supported Rielle financially.”

Who has been supporting Rielle Hunter and daughter, Frances Q.?

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Source: John Edwards Scandal: Andrew Young, Deadbeat Dad

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