John Edwards Claims “Doesn’t Remember a Baby in Hotel Room”
Rielle Hunter, Bob McGovern Recalled
Affair, Scandal Notes from Footage that Ended up on ABC’s Editing Room Floor

Baby? What baby?

When John Edwards appeared on ABC’s Nightline Friday night his interview with Bob Woodruff was short and sweet. Edwards ‘fessed up to an affair with Rielle Hunter, calling it a mistake. Edwards also trashed “supermarket” tabloids and said he’d take a DNA test to prove his ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter’s baby wasn’t his. Edwards also stated that he had no knowledge of alleged hush money paid to Hunter, and talked about how much he loved his wife, Elizabeth.

What the public didn’t see were the parts of Edwards’ interview with Bob Woodruff that ended up on the editing room floor. DBKP took a look at the ABC Nightline transcript and found an interesting tidbit sliced and diced by ABC: Edwards claims the photo of him purportedly holding Hunter’s baby released in the Enquirer August 6 issue is a fake.

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The public saw this exchange between Woodruff and Edwards:

WOODRUFF: I need to ask about probably the most controversial allegation. Which is that a report has been published that the baby of Ms. Hunter is your baby. True?

EDWARDS: Not true. Published in a supermarket tabloid. That is absolutely not true.

WOODRUFF: Have you taken a paternity test?

EDWARDS: I have not, I would welcome participating in a paternity test. Be happy to participate in one. I know that it’s not possible that this child could be mine because of the timing of events, so I know it’s not possible. Happy to take a paternity test, and would love to see it happen.

WOODRUFF: Are you going to do that soon?

EDWARDS: I’m only one side — I’m only one side of the test, but I’m happy to participate in one.

Here’s the part a nationwide TV audience didn’t get to see:

WOODRUFF: People say they are in contact with her, have told us that you have met her out in California several times. True?

EDWARDS: I met her this last time when I was in California for the very purpose that you and I just spoke about.

WOODRUFF: And that picture is absolutely you and you are holding that baby.

EDWARDS: The picture in the tabloid. I have no idea what that picture is.

WOODRUFF: But you’ve seen it right?

EDWARDS: I did see it and I cannot make any sense out of that. When I went to this meeting you’ve already asked me about, uh, I was not wearing a t-shirt, I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I don’t know who that picture — I don’t know if that picture is me, it could well be, it looks like me. I don’t know who that baby is, I have no idea what that picture is.

WOODRUFF: But are you saying you don’t remember holding that child of Miss Hunter?

EDWARDS: I’m saying you asked me about this photograph, I don’t know anything about that photograph, I don’t know who that baby is. I don’t know if the picture has been altered, manufactured, if it’s a picture of me taken some other time, holding another baby — I have no idea. I was not at this meeting holding a child for my photograph to be taken I can tell you that.

WOODRUFF: You did say you did meet her at a hotel in California.

EDWARDS: She was there, Mr. McGovern was present, and that’s where the meeting took place.

WOODRUFF: But you don’t remember a baby being there?


At first blush it seems Edwards is saying that there wasn’t a baby in the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 21. The same night Edwards was seen by Enquirer reporters entering Hunter’s room at 9:45pm then leaving at 2:40am. The Enquirer reported that their photo was taken of Edwards was when he was in that room.


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by Mondoreb/LBG
Source: Edwards Affair: Edwards Claims Enquirer Love Child Photo a Fake

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