When John Price was finally apprehended there was another gentleman with him, you can read my update here. At the time US Marshalls showed little interest in Lawrence Wilbur. In the light of the discovery of the 6 USB storage devices at least one of which contains child pornography there is a murmur that maybe Lawrence is a person of interest.

I have to admit that hair do is a little off the wall, but who am I to talk?

I spoke to Mr. Wilbur yesterday, it was an interesting conversation, from which I can draw no conclusions. I will leave that up to more qualified people.

Mr. Wilbur is a 68 year old veteran who receives a small pension every month. It is not enough to rent an apartment, buy food, etc. As he lives in Florida the weather permits him to live in a tent. Cruising from campground to campground.

Apparently John Price turned up one day at the campsite in the Ocala National forest and Lawrence recognized from another campground. I find this odd, but OK so be it.

John Price
“No we were not friends” Mr. Wilbur explained, “I thought he was creepy”. With a little encouragement the story came out. The pair of them went out and apparently two good looking women were throwing themselves at John, one all but said, lets go to bed. John got up and left, Lawrence was surprised. “I may be 68 and women don’t hit on me very often, but I would have taken her up on the offer”. Lawrence concluded that John Price just didn’t like women.

On the subject of the RV that Mr. Price was driving, Lawrence knew too much and too little. He had not been inside it, and certainly did not sell it to John Price. However he did know that Mr. Price got it in Daytona, a swap apparently for a Chevy S10 Truck. Odd really, there seems to be no record of Mr. Price having an S10 to sell.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that Lawrence is an innocent bystander. It is not my place to call it one way or another. Guilt by association is a bad thing, however, if I were the cops I might be tempted to take a slightly deeper look at Lawrence Wilbur.

Simon Barrett

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