As most of you that have been following this story Mr. Price was apprehended on Thursday by US Marshals. The missing canoeist was not dead after all, he was living with a friend in an RV.

Wanted to answer 50 counts of possessing Child Porn, it seemed the story was over. Well not quite.

I’ll bet you will be shocked to hear that a search of the RV revealed 5 Jump Drives. Oops the first drive the police looked at has resulted in a further 20 felony charges, well hell why settle for 50 when you can have 70?

The police are also very interested in finding the ‘friend’ that Mr. Price was sharing the RV with.

I have no idea who or where this photo came from:

I have to admit that hair do is a little off the wall, but who am I to talk?

More interesting is that there seems to be an arrest warrant for our friend in Georgia. I have not read it, but apparently it has something to do with Alligators. The question is, where is our good buddy Lawrence?

The police seem to share this concept, is Lawrence naughty or nice?

Was Lawrence the ‘friend’ that Mr. Price dropped off from his yet to be found canoe, shortly before the magic canoe went missing? Did Mr. Prices mother know Lawrence? He is not the kind of guy that you would forget easily.

Simon Barrett

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