“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – Mark Twain

There are some news stories that are so bizarre they are wasted as mere news, they are worthy of a book or TV program. John Charles Price is one such story.

It has its roots in a 2013 incident, Mr. Price was charged with 50 counts of possessing Child Pornography. Rather than slinging his butt in jail on a ‘no bond’ hold pending trial, bond was set at a little over $250,000. His mother paid the requisite 10% and Mr. Price was a free man pending trial. He made all of the required pre trial hearings, to all intent and purpose he appeared to be the model example of someone on bond.

A trial date was set for Monday Oct/6 2014, on Friday Oct/3 things went south. It started with a 911 call very early in the morning from Mr. Price.

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Search and rescue went into high gear, a canoeist and his friend were missing. The distress call was made from a cell phone with geolocation so searchers knew where to look. I’ll bet you can guess what the searchers found? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada, no John Charles Price, no friend, no canoe, nothing, it was as if the Bermuda Triangle had found a new home.

John Price

It probably will not come as a huge surprise that our illustrious Mr. Price did not make his court date on Monday Oct/6. The judge issued a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear (FTA in the jargon).

I’d like to say that this sparked a huge man hunt but I would be telling lies. The only people with a vested interest in recovering Mr. Price were those that stood to lose a quarter of a million dollars due to the forfeiture of the bond.

You will note that no-one was buying the story of his death. But no-one seemed to really care. Even his mother seemed to be taking the untimely demise in a most stoic fashion.

For the bondsmen involved nothing made much sense. Mr. Price did indeed own a canoe, but it was at his home. With not much to go on and a disinterest from the mother, the team went into action. I won’t bore you with the details, but in Florida a bondsman has 60 days after a bond has skipped to return him or her, or pay the entire amount of the bond.

With the clock almost out of time, I am glad to report that John Charles Price has risen from the dead and is now in custody. There is a lot more to this story and no doubt there is much more to print. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a bunch of Bondsmen to capture a dead fugitive.

Charles Price

The team that found the guy:

William Cobra Staubs, Matthew Todd, Rod Downston, Karen Sechrest and Ronald Rutkiewiczwith together with a little help from the US Marshals at the very end!


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