The US has a real problem with 81 year old Johann Leprich. They do not want him but unfortunately nor does any other country. Johann Leprich was stripped of his US citizenship when it was discovered that during the second world war Mr Leprich was not only a member of the Nazi party, but a concentration camp guard.

His US citizenship was stripped from him in January, and has spent the intervening time incarcerated in the Detroit area. Mr Leprich’s lawyer used a little known loophole in the law, you can only hold someone for deportation for six months. The six months expired in September, and as a result Mr Leprich is once more a free man.

Mr Leprich is an ethnic German born in Romania, unfortunately neither country are willing to accept him back. His illustrious war career involved being part of the Waffen SS and working as a guard at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Nazi occupied Austria, while this facility is not quite as well known as Treblinka or Auschwitz it was just as deadly. An estimated 120,000 arrived and perished at the hands of people like Johann Leprich.

He moved to the United States in 1958. In 1987  he fled to Canada shortly before a federal judge moved to revoke his citizenship for hiding his Nazi party membership.

In 2003 he was finally captured by authorities in Detroit where they found him hiding in the family home.

At 81 he is hardly a flight risk, besides which the US wants rid of him anyway. In what can only be viewed as yet another waste of tax payers money his release was conditional on him wearing a GPS tracking device on his ankle.

Simon Barrett

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