ALT TITLE The Washington Post today ran a story today titled: “Democrats Want Wilson To Apologize in House.” If he doesn’t appear on the podium of the house, the Democratic leadership says he will be “formally admonished!”I’m not sure what’s involved in being formally admonished — it sounds very dramatic and possibly politically fatal, but whatever . . . it’s no surprise that the Democratic leadership wants to make the most of the issue — politics as usual!What’s bothersome to me is that, in the end, Gutless Joe Wilson apologized!Why apologize for telling the truth? Joe Wilson knew the truth — that’s what pushed him to the point of standing up and shouting “you lie” when Obama promised that no one in the country illegally would benefit from the healthcare legislation. It was Joe Wilson, along with another Congressman who wrote amendments to the proposed legislation calling for verification of citizenship status for anyone who is covered under the healthcare legislation. The amendments that were summarily rejected by the Democrats. Yet Joe Wilson apologized!From CBS News: Lawmakers Condemn Outburst at Obama.  Just moments after the president’s speech he was accosted by and threatened not by Democratic power brokers but by the Republican Leadership. Rather than accept whatever “punishment” they were threatening to dish up, Wilson apologized almost immediately.This is exactly what’s wrong with the Republican Party today and, in a sense, it symbolizes what’s wrong with America today. It takes guts to stand toe-to-toe with the opposition and verbally slug it out; and Joe Wilson did not have the courage of his convictions and did not tell them that he would see them all in Hell before he apologized. A man acting on his convictions doesn’t have to apologize, especially to the man who is leading the pack of people who are raping this country’s traditions, destroying this country’s economy and vandalizing this country’s Constitution.The very next day on every radio and TV show Joe Wilson did tell what he knew — what drove him to call Obama a liar; he told about the Democrat’s refusal to add verification of citizenship to the legislation making it obvious to him that the Democrats are willing to provide healthcare for every moving body, legal or illegal.I don’t know if it’s true or not but it’s being said in Conservative circles that right now there is an amnesty bill being prepared that would grant immediate citizenship to millions of illegals. Here’s a quote from a press release by ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC):

The evidence this (Obama’s lie) is found in countless major news reports indicating that President Obama and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) intend to try and pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty legislation soon, that would legalize millions of illegal immigrants and qualify them for all taxpayer benefits and jobs in America.

If this new focus on illegal immigrants (thanks to Joe Wilson’s outburst) helps plugs all the holes in the healthcare legislation the Dems can certainly go to Plan B: amnesty legislation. ‘Why would they want amnesty legislation?’ Simply because the poorest Americans tend to vote Democratic, they know that the Democratic Party (especially under Obama) is the party of taxing the rich and leveling the playing field.What’s happening to America is a damn shame but the worst part is that there are so many of our elected officials that care more about getting re-elected than they do about saving the United States from Obama’s tyranny.

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