Fresh from his stint as a foreign war correspondent, Samuel Wurzelbacher A.K.A Joe the Plumber is back in the news. Seems Joe is heading to Capitol Hill at the invitation of the GOP, he will be schooling congressional staffers in stuff like strategy and how best to appeal to the working man. I speculate they hope Joe will provide them a kind of compass point to lead them out of the political wilderness.
So just how bad have things gotten you ask, At the parties annual three day retreat held in Hot Springs VA last week, George C. Scott was the headliner, yes playing a clip of a dead actor pretending to be General Patton pretty much sums up the best they could manage for a let’s take back the momentum moment. With Florida’s Adam Putnam the brightest of the rising neocons retiring from the national stage to pursue a run for the post of Florida’s agricultural commissioner; The neocons are hopeful a bit of obstructionism and perhaps a horse and pony show will revitalise the brand. And they wonder aloud why Governor Sarah Palin declined to come and speechify than go sit in the back of the room while they held a war council?

In public she claimed to be just too darn busy running a State, but it was to the tune of Billy Joel singing not on my time. She did however join the powers that be at the annual ALFALFA banquet where those who still actually have some political influence meet each year to celebrate the birth of Robert E Lee; it must have been a tad disconcerting for republicans who managed to fit both events into their schedule to soak in the contrast. Neoconservatism repudiated in the last two election cycles, has yet to deter establishment republicans from attempting to repackage and re-gift in time for the 2010 midterms and to that end selected the definition of an appealing neoconservative African American to take over as the titular manager of the party.

Palin’s decision to skip the gathering in Hot Springs was a very clear signal she is confident her political future and fortunes are no longer dependent on molding her image or views to suite a handful of obstructionists and neocons and recent polling data among average voters who define themselves as either conservative or republican suggest she is that individual the vast majority identify with and as the future of the party. While I am unable to stomach more than a few seconds of radio host Rush Limbaugh, I do agree with his observation and our side needs to start treating the Alaskan Governor with some political respect or come 2010 her loyalists will draw serious blood in the midterms.

The President and the democratic caucus are attempting to forge bipartisan alliances with those who lack the ability to bring votes to the floor. Perhaps it’s a bit of inability to see trees in the forest mentality. Were I the President I would invite Rush to the white house for adult beverages and put the Alaskan Governor on the short list of individuals who he needs to SMS for some bipartisan input on getting the stimulus package passed.

That’s my view yours may be different.

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