Joe the Plumber who became the focus of last night’s final presidential debate and overnight media super star. Abruptly decided the spotlight is not quite so warm and inviting when reporters began to do actual reporting.

Seems Joe√ā¬†Wurzelbacher isn’t actually a licensed plumber and his inter action with Senator Obama needs to be “clarified”
He doesn’t actually make the two hundred thousand plus he is worried Barack will tax; in fact Joe is one of too many Americans who cheats on paying his fair share of taxes on what he does make. That’s right Joe the plumber is actually Joe the tax cheat.
In fact the more Joe the tax cheat spoke, till he stopped speaking that is, the more he sounded like every other strict evangelical social conservative. Which is fine but none the less contrary to the premise he is an undecided middle of the road average American eager to join the ranks of small business owners.Not quite the blow against the wanton desire of Barack Obama to re-distribute the fruits of Joe’s hard earned labor as John McCain would have us believe. Still team McCain and the folks over at Fox are making Joe the poster child of their current news cycle.

The John McCain who showed up at last night’s debate was the fellow absent these many months. The one who carried his own bag all over New Hampshire, and rose from the political dead to claim the nomination. Pity the second he stopped humping his own ass up the hill and let the suites manage his campaign he began losing.
You can win a debate on points and still leave the stage as the least liked of the two which is what happened according to the debate polls. Were it half a year ago he could then begin tempering his image and make it a competitive race that would be decided only on Election Day.

For John McCain to wake up November 5 as President Elect of the United States, He would need to somehow convince millions of people who have already said they are strongly committed to voting for Barack Obama to change their minds. That’s in addition to pulling every single undecided voter left over to his side, and peeling off a few percent of those who vote Libertarian.

At this point only revelation of a truly damming allegation with credibility beyond the partisan sphere of the campaign war room and the folks at Fox could affect enough influence to disrupt Barack Obama’s journey to the Oval office. So with 19 days left, John McCain to his credit is going to go down fighting, if nothing else he wants to tighten the polls and deliver a respectable finish.

I even speculate he could close the gap and narrow Obama’s victory margin to a few points if he did a 180 and began to speak about why he would be a better President and why his plan for America is the one that will solve the problems, because his tactic of you should elect me cause the guys is a friend of terrorists isn’t working for him so far.

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