psburton Blogging from Phoenix—-The man who flew his plane into a building, apparently dispatched by God to send a message to Big brother in general and the I.R.S in particular is being praised as a “true” American patriot by tens of thousands who embrace all things anti-government. That so many otherwise normal people can so easily be manipulated into discerning heroism in the actions of a terrorist, perhaps explains why alkida isn’t lacking recruits ready to don explosive belts and become suicide bombers, far more than we wish to imagine, discover not so long the journey from admiration to emulation

For those who join the fringes of the left or right it’s pointless to explain the United States of America was established as a republic on the ideal that “We the people” constitute the only sovereign power of government recognized by God, The precept of a government by the people and for the people can be a powerful concept provided you posses the ability to distinguish between the pursuit of happiness and fringe ideologues who hope to convince you it’s an entitlement.

Joe Stack is simply one of a handful of intellectually, emotionally and mentally disabled wing-nuts who decided a lack of accomplishment and his poor lot in life was the fault of others, and because we have in the last couple of years seen explosive growth in would be religious, political and economic saviors enlightening the masses with comforting and affirming knowledge, that despite it all “they” are a superior people, who’s innate destiny for greatness and prosperity has fallen victim to the wiles of a cunning enemy. I speculate we might suffer more devastating casualty from home grown terrorism then anything Alkida can throw our way.

At a time when our sons and daughters literally die on foreign soil protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, ya kind want to vomit in the general direction of those who have never served or sacrificed as they take to their soap boxes to protest the multiplicity of imagined slights and delusional grievances, that inspire them to profess so utterly and completely out of context, the need to nourish the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

These brigades of Elmer Fudd patriots who gather under the protections provided by the very liberty they claim is currently held hostage by nefarious powers that be, seem a harmless distraction as they rant on about plots and grand conspiracies intended to deprive us of our sacred freedom, but it begs the question how many of tomorrows Joe Stack’s or Tim Mcveigh are loitering among the simple minded and non-violent denizens.

Most experts tell us individuals born and raised in America who eventually become motivated enough by ideology or faith to become terrorists or lone wolf radicals, do not fit a simple model or easily plug into a computer based demographic that law enforcement can use to identify and observe. It’s all but impossible to predict or even tell the difference between those on the fringe who simply disgruntled at having lost an election and venting angst and those who will eventually listen to the imaginary whispers and submit to an incessantly urging want to stand against the continued infliction of maliciousness, the evil ruination of “our country overtaking all who have been beguiled, save of course the select few patriots summoned by providence if not God Almighty himself to save our sacred Republic.

 The consequence is always the same, when these lost souls choose to fully embrace as everyday reality a lucid insanity that permits justifying as righteous the slaughter of innocent men women and children, too many others will discern self sacrificing servants of liberty offering the last full measure on the sacred alter of democracy.

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