Save a miracle come from behind in Iowa. Even the candidate admits he will become the first also ran. If the Republic ever needed an old fashioned balls to the wall democratic president it would be now. The Senator from Delaware is an old school politician which is why he wouldn’t even make the veep short list. 

I have debatable problems with some of his liberal economic views but those aside. We will need a President with serious experience in foreign policy who still knows how to discern the fading line between political self interest and what risks the Nations welfare.

Fred Thompson is perhaps the sole GOP candidate with a demonstrated ability to pull back when it becomes evident the politics of a particular issue effects the common future of all our children’s children. Some people will do or say what ever it takes to become President, they feel that is how the game is won. Of the current pack Biden and Thompson are the two exceptions which is why neither has much hope of becoming the nominee.

Obama is quickly coming to share the same sphere in culture that Bill Cosby achieved, We think of Bill Cosby simply as Bill Cosby, Most people think of Obama simply as Obama the candidate. His skin color does not effect our opinion. 

With the G.O.P rumored to be gearing up for a purge of the evangelical neoconservatives Fred Thompson may have a fair shot at swaying some independents should he defy the odds and take the nomination. 

Hillary is the candidate most difficult to figure out, Her critics say beneath the facade she is a cold calculating lying bitch who is ever manipulating and driven for power. Were it so I would rest better if she does become President, Unlike our current fearless leader who shares those same necessary leadership personality traits.

Hillary is also a competent administrator. George W. Bush will go down as the worst President in history for all the wrong reasons, It was his lack of administrative skills not the the problems that glorified his incompetence

We all dam him for the War now, but at the time the vast majority of Americans couldn’t lock and load quick enough.

Yes he is tells lies on the most important and mundane subjects while swearing to God on the truth of it for no particular reason. But the problem was lack of basic managerial skills. When the shit hits the fan it splatters all over him and not on others. If you have a good plan that goes bad the ability to tilt the fan blades towards another is a prerequisite of leadership.

Its been that way his entire life, his oil company, his sports team, his Presidency. Some people have a vision and will to obtain power but once they become the boss it all goes to hell. People are gifted with the ability to play and others make good cheerleaders, which was his single accomplishment in life, He was the best male cheerleader his prep school ever had.

P.S. Burton

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