This is a guest article written by Karen Weeks who is a Senior Lifestyle blogger. She struggled to find a new sense of purpose after retirement which made way to learn a new skill and took a computer course. She then created as a resource for seniors who wish to keep their minds, bodies and spirits well.

After life-long workers retire, they may still need to supplement their income. Even those in good financial standing have reasons for working after retirement. Either way, plenty of employment opportunities exist for retired adults in Colorado Springs.

Jobs That Work Well in Retirement

Positions appropriate for older adults depend on the person’s capabilities, goals, and physical health. Retirees who want to remain in their former careers can become consultants, writers in a specific niche, or adjunct teachers. Older adults looking to get out of the house and into the community could work as rideshare drivers and couriers. Some retired persons desire social contact, so a job as an ESL teacher, customer service representative, tour guide, or retail salesperson could help meet their needs.

Those who miss working in an office setting can become administrative assistants. Similar positions include information clerk, receptionist, and bookkeeping or accounting clerk. Older adults who do not miss the commute to work could apply for virtual assistant openings using an online job board.

Retirees who change houses after leaving the workforce may have a lot of knowledge about properties available in their former and present neighborhoods. That expertise could serve them well as real estate brokers and sales agents who rent, sell and buy homes.

Tips for Finding a Rewarding Position

Older employees must navigate their job searches a bit differently than they did when they worked full time. Rather than competing against younger candidates, applying for work in an industry with a lot of vacancies can shorten a job hunt.

Some retirees may want to start a small business to supplement their income and keep their minds stimulated. Those who do could form an LLC as some experts recommend. The business structure offers benefits such as tax advantages, limited liability, flexibility, and a minimum of paperwork compared to other business structures.

Colorado has its own regulations for establishing an LLC, so it’s a good idea for those interested to look into the latest requirements in Colorado. Older entrepreneurs who would rather not handle the heavy lifting alone could use a formation service. Using such services also means sidestepping expensive legal fees that cut into an older adult’s retirement income.

Continuing education courses can also give older adults an edge in the marketplace. These courses upgrade skills, which keeps retirees stimulated and engaged intellectually. Local community colleges may offer pertinent continuing education classes.

Benefits of Working During Retirement

Retirees with plenty of savings can still benefit from working after retirement. Retaining a part-time job helps preserve retirement income, allowing older adults to use their earnings for groceries, bills, entertainment, and other minor expenses.

Another advantage is the sense of independence retirees may gain by working. They can make a difference in the community with their jobs and feel they can still take care of themselves. Working paves the way for social interactions, helping retired adults feel connected with others. This can boost a person’s mood and offer several mental health benefits.

Retirees who don’t want to sit around the house can use work to stay physically active. Depending on the job, older workers may feel they get paid to stay in good shape.

Retirement does not rule out pursuing another job role. Older adults have more options than ever if they want to continue earning an income to support their mental, emotional, physical, and financial health during their golden years.

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