Joan Rivers, 75, was the guest on a British Daytime Talk Show with the all female team of Jackie Brambles, Linda Bellingham, Jane McDonald, and Carol McGiffin.. The topic got to Hollywood actor Russell Crowe when Rivers quickly looked into the camera and says get ready to bleep this, then went on to describe Crowe as a f**king s**t.

The ladies on the panel were all shocked and left speechless. They were trying to apologize to the audience. They told Rivers they can’t bleep out things on the live talk show. She said she thought there was a seven second delay in the taping.

After receiving almost 50 complaints about the language used Rivers was asked to leave during a commercial break. She told that she has never been ejected from a TV show before and the only reason she said what she said was truly because she thought they have a delay on it.

“I have won an Emmy, been nominated for a Tony award, done every show and become an icon and when people ask me what is left in my career I have always said I don’t know, but I have never been forcibly thrown out of a TV studio. It is another milestone,” she said.

A clip of the show that caused her to be thrown off the set can be seen here.

Jan Barrett

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