Jo and Slade Bend Reality on “Date My Ex”

We decided to do a recap of the ‘unreal’ reality show, Jo and Slade: Date My Ex, before next week’s finale.

Next Monday, Jo De La Rosa, the “star” of Jo and Slade: Date my Ex, will pick out one of the two last contestants standing, Lucas and Chris, two seemingly normal guys in their twenties. The winner gets, well, we’re not quite sure what the winner gets, perhaps it’s a fourth date with Jo.

At the end of last week’s show, Jo told Zack, the scruffy model, her original “you didn’t cut it” line, “let’s be friends”. Zack responded by being pissy, telling Jo he had the hots for Jo’s very blonde friend with the bushy bangs, Mayia. Slade made the comment that Zack was lucky he didn’t walk by Slade as he exited, as Slade would have smacked him, or something on that order.

Slade surprised everyone by interupting Mayia’s spiel by telling Jo that he still had unresolved “feelings” for her and that he wanted a “date”. When Jo said yes to a date, Chris, then Lucas, stormed off with Jo running in five-inch heels after them.

The original premise of Date my Ex is on Bravo’s website. Jo was supposed to “get a second chance at love (with a little help from her ex-fiance Slade Smiley)” and her two friends, Katy and Maia. Jo had to pick one “suitor” from each episode to pass to the next round with Slade’s role explained in the bio on Bravo:

“But in a bizarre twist, the men must all live with Slade, who has also moved to Los Angeles and remains Jo’s closest confidante. Following their dates with Jo, Slade will grill the guys and voice his opinions on which ones he deems most suitable for his ex. He will also test them in an attempt to find out which ones are there for the right reasons.”

After watching the show it seems Slade’s role was reduced to dorm manager. Slade never seemed to “grill” any of the “suitors”, he also was fairly low key in voicing his opinions about the guys to Jo. At one point, when the whole Jo “suitor” entourage packed up and rode a bus to a “luxurious” desert spa for a weekend getaway, Slade was asked by Jo to go home because the guys claimed he was being a “downer”. And yet, we can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t the whole point, after all, would we watch if there weren’t any dramatic elements to the show?

What’s Slade actually doing for a living these days?

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Source: Jo and Slade: Date My Ex Recap Before Big Finale

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