Date My Ex: Jo, Slade, Lucas, Chris and Myia
Final Elimination in Words and Pictures

Jo, Jo and Slade: Date my Ex

Jo from “Jo and Slade: Date My Ex”, the Final Elimination Recap

It’s the final elimination on Jo and Slade: Date My Ex. DBKP has the recap in pictures and subtitles.

Who did Jo choose, Chris or Lucas?

Did Jo finally put on a decent dress?

Did Slade get jealous when Jo packed up her posse and headed to San Diego for the final elimination?

Does Myia still have those awful bangs?

We’ll answer some of these questions in our picture story of Jo and Slade: Date my Ex, the final elimination.

Myia calls Slade to “squeal” on Jo and her posse ditching Slade and going to San Diego for the final elimination between Chris and Lucas.

Slade pretends the phone call from Myia was “spontaneous”.

Slade “confronts” Chris and Lucas at the hotel in San Diego. Slade shakes their hand and says he’s got “issues” with his past relationship with Jo, wishes them luck, then leaves to go find Jo.

Chris and Lucas wonder if the woolen scarf wrapped around Slades’ neck during the hot summer hasn’t killed off what few precious brain cells he’s got left.

Jo, Myia, and Katy drink Mylanta cocktails while Slade wishes Jo good luck.

Tragically unhip Slade tells Myia and Katy to “touch his ‘magic’ scarf”.

“Thanks for the mammaries,” Slade whispers in Jo’s ear.

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Source: Jo and Slade: Date My Ex Final Elimination Recap

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