Every dog has his day, and now so does Jimmy Buffett – at least in Pennsylvania.

House Resolution No. 333, passed yesterday in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, designated June 23, 2007 as “Jimmy Buffet Day.”

The entertainer will be performing at the Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown that day in a sold-out concert.

According to the resolution “Jimmy Buffett is a world-class entertainer known for his support of charitable and environmental causes throughout the region,” “more than 1,500 active Pennsylvania Parrot Heads (as some of his supports are known) join all citizens of this Commonwealth in Welcoming Jimmy Buffett …”

The resolution also credits Buffett for the charitable works committed by his fans, as groups such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Animal Friends and Make-A-Wish Foundation have all benefited from their activities.

The singer/songwriter is known for his popular breezy songs like “Margaritaville” and for his chain of music-themed restaurants in coastal resort towns.

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House Resolution No. 333



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