Kerry Draws Fire Is it cruel to say “Again?”

The late Texas Governor Ann Richards once cracked that George Bush (senior) was born with a silver foot in his mouth, but one wonders today if it would be more appropriate to describe Senator John Kerry as so gifted. It used to be said, also, of a politician or a member of the privileged class who was particularly adept at getting along, or communicating easily with those of the somewhat less privileged set, that they had the “common touch”. This was a quality perhaps more appreciated in the 19th century, and among those with much more pronounced class differences, but whatever the opposite of it is, John Kerry possesses it in fully clumsy measure. Whether it was a clumsily phrased criticism of the President, or an off-the-cuff exercise in “well, only dummies who don’t study wind up in the military”, the man has dropped another clanger, and if he thinks that it’s just Rush Limbaugh and Republican hacks stirring up another tempest in a teapot… well, as my father used to say, “You got another think coming!”. Amazing how well Senator Kerry can enunciate, even with the silver foot in his mouth up to the kneecap.

How he was ever convinced put his service as a veteran at the center of his presidential campaign, I’ll never know. You can’t throw a rock in San Antonio without hitting at least six retired colonels and a dozen retired NCOs; and I haven’t found a one of them yet doesn’t despise him for what he did in the anti-war movement after he did his own Vietnam tour. Keep on talking, Senator. Veterans and active duty service personnel, and all their families are taking notes. We did, in fact, study hard in school, as Senator John McCain points out.

“Sgt Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO, who blogs at, and lives in San Antonio, Texas

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