According to Jack Worthington, there is. And that love child is Jack Worthington, he was born on Nov. 22, 1961, exactly two years to the day before the assassination in Dallas. A nice convenient coincidence? It certainly looks that way.

This story started to break about a week ago, and I have been following it. I have to say that whenever I come across JFK related conspiracy type stories I put my skeptical hat on. Jack is now in his mid 40’s, why wait so long to come forward?

Maybe the most disturbing aspect is the stage management of the entire revelation. Let the story break in a relatively small market, and a relatively small newspaper, then sit back and wait for the big boys to pick up on it. Well, the plan has not panned out the way it was designed. The big fish are playing this one down. No-one wants to run with it. No reasonable News Organization wants to put it’s name behind Jack Worthington.

Today some of the story became clearer, I received a Press Release, and guess what? The news organizations are treating this story like it has the plague, but of course the JFK conspiracy theorists are having a field day. Yet another JFK nut-case is touting his book. Even though the book has nothing to do with the Jack Worthington story, you just can’t keep a good conspiracy down. One wonders though, are the book and Jack Worthington related in some fashion? Are we being played for fools?

The last book I read on the subject “My God, I’m Hit!” has cured me of any interest I ever had in the subject. My God involved body doubles, false seats in the limo, and JFK living in luxury, the entire assassination was a hoax! It was stage managed to allow JFK to abdicate his responsibilities!

I say bunk, i say bunk to all of the conspiracies, and double bunk to Mr. Worthington.

Simon Barrett

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