Transcripts of a Conversation Jack Ruby had with Lee Harvey Oswald Discovered

Additional JFK Assassination Artifacts Found in Dallas Courthouse

More Fuel on the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Fires

If the controversies and conspiracies that still surround the JFK assassination were a jigsaw puzzle it would contain thousands of pieces, all identically shaped, the same picture on both sides. Now new pieces have been added to the puzzle, courtesy of the Dallas County Courthouse, where boxes of artifacts that have been hidden away for decades have finally been revealed to the public.

November 24, 1963, Jack Ruby shoots and kills Lee Harvey Oswald

Friday, November 22, 1963, at approximately 12:30 p.m., shots rang out in Dallas, Texas, a president was assassinated and the largest conspiracy in United States history began.

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins reveals JFK Assassination Memorabilia

Almost 45 years later, in Dallas, Texas, District Attorney Craig Watkins revealed 15 boxes of “memorabilia”. Items that belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby that have been locked away for decades. Items that may add a long awaited spark to the mystery of who was involved on that fateful day in Dallas, the end of “Camelot” and the second mystery, the mystery of the involvement of Jack Ruby, aka Jacob Rubenstein.

The second mystery of Ruby, a businessman and nightclub owner, and some claim, “mob guy”, who took it upon himself to gun down Oswald in front of a gaggle of cops and live camera crews two days after JFK was assassinated and well before Oswald was given an opportunity to prove his innocence.Read rest of story, see famous video of Ruby shooting Oswald:

JFK Assassination: Ruby-Oswald Transcripts Found in Dallas Courthouse 


JFK Assassination: Ruby-Oswald Transcripts Found in Dallas Courthouse
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