Jesus was a community Organizer, Pontius pilate was a Governor

Why does Palin continue to belittle Obama’s job as a community Organizer?

By  Amin George Forji

Jesus is a community organizer t-shirt

The just ended Republican convention began in a very solemn mood, for no fault of theirs. A threatening hurricane Gustav had successfully superimposed itself on the agenda of yearlong planned event, forcing the organizers to cancel the opening night, and compress the rest of the program. The convention kicked off on the same cold mood that was superimposed on it by the hurricane, until former GOP presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani began poking jokes about Barack Obama’s qualification for the job. He singled out his job as a Community Organizer, in Illinois, when he first graduated from college, as an apathetic CV for a White house aspirant, remarking: “This kind of thing could only happen in America…” to more laughter.

Noticing the enthusiasm with which the smear was received, speechwriters for the VP nominee, Sarah Palin, quickly revised her scripts with even more sharp demeaning attributes. She accepted her nomination with the following words: “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.” It is a line that has since become her signature phrase everywhere she goes. She continues to give the same speech from the convention, virtually unedited.

But the question remains: why will Governor Palin and McCain choose to belittle the work the work of community organizers as their campaign manifesto. Are they simply out of touch? The answer to that obviously is YES. Jesus was a Community Organizer. Pontius Pilate was a Governor. They were both good men. Jesus worked for the ordinary folks, who were disregarded by their leaders. He lived their lives and went through their hardships, organizing their communities towards hope.

Obama as a Community Organizer, Dem Presidential Candidate

Pontius was a good man too, except that he was out of touch. I once met a preacher who remarked that Governor Pontius Pilate was giving the highest responsibility any man would ever have. He was asked to judge God. Because he did not understand what ordinary folks Jesus worked for went through, he could not tell if a Community Organizer could be great man. He was caught in a dilemma. He saw a great man in Jesus’ eyes, but could not comprehend any wisdom in him, if all he was, was a Community Organizer. Upon consideration he chose to wash his hands and deliver Jesus to his killers to do whatever they wanted to do with him.

sarah Palin as Governor, now GOP VP candidate

It is time politicians realize that they must not say anything just to get elected. They should uphold some minimum ethical standards. There is nothing degrading to work for Ordinary folks who lose their jobs. It is rather an honorable qualification. Of course, the people Governors come in contact with are Lords and High ranking elites. But they must not forget that people who work for the other segment of the population–the poor guys in the gutters who actually vote them to office, are heroes too. If they were to be ranked, Community Organizers should be the greater heroes. But Governors too are great people, heroes as well. The whole point is that they should not look down at Community Organizers and ordinary folks.

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