Our good friend the Rev. Jessie Jackson is once again in the news. Alas for our good Reverent, this latest goof may result in him and Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman reversing roles, with Duane offering some spiritual guidance to Jessie when in comes to becoming a better human being.

In something right out of Saturday Night Live meets God-Zilla. The (not so) Reverend Jessie Jackson was standing close to a Fox News microphone, and of course Fox News are about as sleazy as the National Inquirer. The mike was live! The Fox sleaze brigade caught the Rev while he made less than attractive comments about Barack Obama, and his embrace of social services that are faith based. The best selling News (in the loosest sense of the word) Network were quick to rush this one to press. The producers at Fox could not wait to rush this one to the TV. Particularly with the comments that Jessie used crude language to suggest that he wanted to castrate the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Of course the ‘spin doctors have moved into high gear.

When you are rich, black, a religious leader (of which I am not quite sure what of, other than being outraged by the likes Dog The Bounty Hunter), you can pretty much do what you want.

Jackson made the comments to Reed Tuckson, an executive vice president at United Health Group, saying Obama’s pitch to expand President Bush’s federal assistance for faith-based social service programs was “talking down to black people.” He then used a base phrase to say what he wanted to do to the senator from Illinois.  The Rev was quick to spot the gaff, and sent out a hasty apology.

Maybe the most telling part of this adventure into stupidity by the not quite as clean Reverend comes from his son,

“I’m deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson’s reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama”

Being a Brit, I grew up in the place, all I can say is Jessie may have kicked himself in the ‘Nads’. Or maybe it was just a big balls-up, and someone bolicked up the whole deal!

Simon Barrett


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