Well Jessie thinks he is. Jessie Jackson, and the other member of the Bobbsey Twins, Al Sharpton are quick to poke their nose into areas that do not concern them. If it concerns racial issues, you can guarantee that these two jokers will be poking their noses in. Of course, most of the time they have absolutely no knowledge or real interest in the matter at hand. In many ways they are the Zaa Zaa Gabor of the religious world. Zaa Zaa was known because of her fame, and her fame came from her being famous.

Pretty much that sums up Jessie Jackson.

The ‘open mike’ gaff where Jessie wants to remove Barack Obama’s family jewels is old news. Every news organization this side of Outer Mongolia has covered it. Actually I will check with ‘Outer Mongolian Mark’ to verify that fact.

When Duane “Dog” Chapman, the bounty hunter guy, used the infamous ‘N’ word Jessie was on it like it was World War III. But being the ‘nice’ guy that he is, he offered to rehabilitate our wayward Dog. An offer that I sincerely hope that Chapman did not take up.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. What is Jessie Jackson’s solution? A hasty apology. Well I am not sure that works. He hounds people to the ends of the earth for their transgressions, yet we should just let this drop?

If Jessie Jackson learns just a little from this issue, though I doubt he will, the high of the power makes reality a poor second in life. Of course the question of why he was at the event in the first place comes into question? I would not invite Jessie to my worst enemies BBQ!

One quick ‘sorry’ fixes it all? As I recall Dog Chapman tried that and he was still ‘hounded’. Maybe he needs a dose of the medicine that he is so happy to dole out to others. I was talking to a friend of mine, and the quote was “Why does Jessie get special treatment?” He trashed Don Imus and Dog Chapman, he tried to ruin their careers, so explain to me, how come he can say ‘I am sorry’ and it is all forgotten”

Is this double standards? It certainly looks like it to me. In my mind Jessie Jackson needs to keep his jaws from flapping. ‘Loose lips sinks ships’ was a popular WWII saying. Hopefully this latest outrage from Jessie Jackson will remove his influence from the voting public. Though I doubt that he has that much influence over even his pet hamster. He is a frequent ‘visitor’ on Fox and CNN, most people just change the channel when he appears.

Simon Barrett


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